New camera

Thanks to the fantabulous Nana, I am now the proud owner of a simple point a shoot digital camera. M is quite the photo fanatic, so up to this point our primary camera(s) have been high end film and, most recently, a digital SLR that quite honestly scares me. Plus, it was so large that it was not a “grab the camera and throw it in your purse” type of thing. Taking the camera someplace involved a large bag, straps, protective lens covers, and strong warnings about what would happen to me if something happened to the camera. The end result? I only took pictures on major holidays, and even those were far and few between.

Nana decided that this was not an acceptable way for her to watch her grandchildren grow up from afar and took matters into her own hands last week. Internets, meet (a slightly blury because I couldn’t use the flash) Suzie.
Suzie, meet the Internets. You will now be put into use recording knitting and house projects for their viewing pleasure (oh, and cute kid pics for Nana and the other grandparents).


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