Bullets of Sweat

  • It’s hot. And it is going to get hotter.
  • We spent three hours at the pool today. We all looked like prunes by the end of the afternoon.
  • The kids have quite a tan going. Despite the fact that I liberally apply 50+ sunblock multiple times a day.
  • I am sporting a nice burn on one patch of my back because apparently C is not quite as good a sunblock spreader as he claimed. Ouch.
  • Speaking of sunburns, remind me once school starts that I am long overdue for a trip to the dermatologist’s…
  • And speaking of skin, A’s hives are still coming and going. My latest theory is cleaning products, so I’m on the hunt for natural cleaning solutions.
  • Or, I could just not clean. Now THAT is a tempting solution. No hives AND no scrubbing toilets. Almost a win win except for the fact that it would get gross around here in mere seconds.
  • I have managed to keep the house picked up all week though…
  • Wait, it’s only Tuesday? Never mind. Not quite as impressive an accomplishment.
  • How are we going to spend the rest of the hot, hot week? I mean, besides alternating between turning the AC on because it is just.too.hot. and then turning it off because of a panic over what the electric bill will look like at the end of the month…
  • Perhaps we will head to the mall for a walk and let the air conditioning bill be on them…

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