Click Clack Creak

Has anyone ever seen a chiropractor? Seriously. My neck has started creaking and clicking whenever I turn it. And it strikes me that that can’t be so good. Or else I really am getting old like all the doctors seem to think.

My MIL loves her chiropractor, but I have always been somewhat suspect of them. I have no idea why. Perhaps it is just the thought that if they crack my back slightly wrong, I could end up an awful lot worse than creaky. Shiver.

So I’m taking a poll of everyone I know to see who has experienced chiropracty (I have no idea how to spell that one, but you get the drift). So far, my MIL is it. Anyone else out there? Or should I resign myself to creaking my way into my 4th decade??? (And yes, I know I should go to yoga. And if you can figure out when I could hit a yoga class when I have one or both kids with me every second of the day, I will. I swear.)


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