Where to eat

We’re having some friends over for dinner tonight, and I’m having a serious problem trying to determine where to eat. There will be eight of us, so the dining room makes the most sense. But our dining room is so, well, formal (I am starting to really hate the concept of a formal dining room. Because who really lives that life any more?). And four of the eight people are children. Small children, who will be eating pasta with red sauce. But in the kitchen, I have three stools with backs, and one backless one that kids topple off of. And only three kitchen chairs. So the kitchen doesn’t make much sense. And after all my bitching and moaning about the heat last week, the cold front came through last night and it is only supposed to be 65 be dinnertime, which I think is probably too cold for outdoor dinning.

Plus, my dining room doesn’t look nearly as cute as Jackie Sue’s. Clearly she should come north and help a design challenge gal out…


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