And this is because you told me I was pretty…

A real, live crockpot lasagna recipe that met with the M, C, and A seal of approval. Yes, the noodles, even whole wheat ones, were nice and soft with out precooking or using the slightly yucky tasting no-boil ones. And if you make it meatless, it is even easier.


It makes it all so much better

I have been in Halloween hell for the last few days. As 2nd assistant classmom, apparently Halloween is “my” holiday. So I have been cutting out foam haunted houses, gluing them, cutting windows and doors, tying on strings, etc. etc. etc. I have been accepting the fact that they are making me dress up. In a costume. Snow White, to be exact. I have been coordinating balloon pick ups and sing-a-long practices. I have been frequenting the local party store so often that they know both my children’s names.

But tonight, after finishing the last of the foam haunted houses and packing up the rest of the supplies for the party tomorrow morning, I discovered that at long last my new cell phone carrier has my song as a ring tone. I am happier than I have been in weeks. Ahhh, the joy of the familiar. Jeannie, take me away…

A new way to count sheep

C has been having difficulty sleeping. Tonight as I was cleaning up downstairs I heard: “Two hundred and fifteen wool blankets, two hundred sixteen wool blankets, two hundred seventeen wool blankets…” He cracks me up.

Shopping help needed!

So A only has one sweat suit that fits, and we have, ahem, lost it. And now that it is cold out the child needs at least two, preferably three sets, much to my husband’s dismay as he hates them with a passion. But when shelpping a three-year old to swimming and gymnastics in the cold weather, it makes the most sense to me. Easy on, easy off, relatively warm. Except I can’t find them anywhere. She won’t wear the kind with elastic at the bottom, which is the only kind being shown at Old Navy and Target (although I have not been in Target for a while, so correct me if I am wrong there). I have looked online at all the usual places, and there is nothing. Carter’s has tops, not bottoms. Oshkosh had big girls, not little. Even Gymboree seems to be lacking in them this year. WHAT are little girls wearing for comfort and warmth these days??? And have you seen a plain old sweat suit anyplace???

Overheard at the kitchen table

M: “What are you doing?”

Chichimama: “Scooping out the pumpkin.”

M: “Why?”

Chichimama: “So I can make pumpkin soup.”

M: “You can eat pumpkin?”

Chichimama (blinks): “Uh, have you ever had pumpkin pie????”

M: “I thought it was, well, fake.”

Chichimama: “No, not so much.”

M: “Huh. Imagine that…”

The end of an era (almost)

Chichimama: “C if asked you if you wanted p-i-z-z-a for dinner, what would you say?”

C: “YES! Pizza!!!!”

Chichimama: “What if I asked you if you wanted h-o-t d-o-g?”

C: “Yes! Hot dog and pizza!”

Chichimama: “What if I asked you if you wanted e-g-g?”

C: “Silly mommy! That’s a breakfast food! Are we really having hot dog and pizza?”

Chichimama: “No, we are having p-a-s-t-a.”

C: “Peanuts? A is allergic to peanuts.”

Chichimama: “Thank God. I was about to get really freaked out….”

Overheard from the backseat

C: “So we played inside today. The teachers were discussing going o-u-t, but then they decided to stay i-n. I was going to ask them why we couldn’t go o-u-t, but then I figured if they were spelling o-u-t instead of saying out, they probably wanted to hide the fact that o-u-t was an option. So I didn’t ask.”

Chichimama almost swerves into incoming traffic because she is laughing so hard.

C: “Why are you laughing?”

Chichimama: “It’s a grownup thing. Hard to explain.”

C: “I really don’t understand grownups sometimes.”

Because I look at my blog more than my calendar

MUST get children passports. And buy tickets to London.

MUST make appointment for cats to see vet for their “senior wellness checks.”

MUST call the nice company who fixes furnaces. Because it might get cold, someday.

MUST order wood for the fireplace. And transplant the lilies that are currently residing where the wood is going to be placed.

MUST go to bed. But am now hooked into the world series. Plus, Dumb Cat is out and refuses to come in. At least he is feeling better???

Three in one day! Unheard of!

My third post of the day. Clearly I am chewing up all my creativity (cough, cough) before November. But I am standing in my kitchen, after dinner, with the kitchen cleaned up, C’s homework done, and the children playing happily together in the basement. I should be putting them to bed right now, but this seems like too good a moment to ruin. So I’ll wait five minutes until it all goes south and then turn into “evil mommy who makes tired children go to bed….”

And on a totally different note, I need a good idea for an appetizer than can be served cold and doesn’t require much work on my part for a women-only cocktail party on Friday night. Anyone have any brilliant ideas beyond the chip and dip or veggies and dip route?

There it is. The first yelp of “No FAIR!” And I’m off to begin the bedtime proceedings. Wish me luck…


The birthday party circuit has started up again, and this year it seems to have thrown me for a loop. I swear that just a few weeks ago I was standing in the same toy aisle picking out birthday gifts for C’s friends, and yet here I am again, trying to figure out what 6 year old children might want to play with instead of five year old children (Answer: pretty much the exact same thing, I believe).

And if I am buying gifts for other people’s children, it means that in not too many months, my oldest will also be turning six. Which is just so hard to believe. Of course, by the time he turns six I will be equally surprised that he isn’t yet six, as after four months of other children’s parties, I tend to forget that mine is on the younger end of all his friends.

I feel like I have somehow missed a whole year, even though I remember all of the things that happened during it. And I’m not quite sure if this year is an aberration, or whether time from now on will just keep speeding up until I am one of those people who stares at you in a grocery store and exclaims “How can you have children!?! I swear you can’t be more than 18, because I didn’t you just head off to college?”

But yet, even though the years seem to be speeding by, the days still drag. How, oh how can it be only Wednesday today? And it is not even that far into Wednesday. Shhheshh. Some people are never happy…