A snuffle and a snort

We all have colds over here, even the cats. I had no idea cats could get colds, but both of ours have been sneezing and snorting up a storm today so clearly they do. Or else they have bird flu and we are all going to die, but I’m going to go with cold. Regardless, it is really, really gross to have two cats sneeze all over you on a fairly frequent basis. Clearly, black was not the right choice of tee-shirt color for today.

I should probably be going to bed, but M is out of town and I have a ton of TIVO to catch up on. Plus, lying down causes me to feel even worse, so right now collapsing on the couch with a big ole cup of tea is sounding like the better idea right now.

On the upside, they claim it will start raining here any minute and bring the temperature down to a mere seven degrees or so above normal….


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