The birthday party circuit has started up again, and this year it seems to have thrown me for a loop. I swear that just a few weeks ago I was standing in the same toy aisle picking out birthday gifts for C’s friends, and yet here I am again, trying to figure out what 6 year old children might want to play with instead of five year old children (Answer: pretty much the exact same thing, I believe).

And if I am buying gifts for other people’s children, it means that in not too many months, my oldest will also be turning six. Which is just so hard to believe. Of course, by the time he turns six I will be equally surprised that he isn’t yet six, as after four months of other children’s parties, I tend to forget that mine is on the younger end of all his friends.

I feel like I have somehow missed a whole year, even though I remember all of the things that happened during it. And I’m not quite sure if this year is an aberration, or whether time from now on will just keep speeding up until I am one of those people who stares at you in a grocery store and exclaims “How can you have children!?! I swear you can’t be more than 18, because I didn’t you just head off to college?”

But yet, even though the years seem to be speeding by, the days still drag. How, oh how can it be only Wednesday today? And it is not even that far into Wednesday. Shhheshh. Some people are never happy…


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