Another giveaway! For YARN!!!

Knitting Daily is giving away a gift certificate to your local yarn shop for $300 of yarn. Or $200, or $100. Go now! I have already mentally spent MY winnings. Ah, that yummy Alpaca I saw just last week. You are mine (I hope)!!!!!!!!

And thus ends the month of November. Hallelujah.


Breakfast with Santa by the Numbers

300 tickets

12 dozen goody bags

18 loaves of bread

22 quarts of half and half

23 dozen eggs

5 pounds of broccoli

7 pounds of sausage

10 pounds of cheese

25 boxes of mini-donuts

9 dozen bagels

6 crates of clementines

10 bunches of bananas

15 gallons of OJ

12 gallons of apple juice

1 parking ticket

2 LARGE glasses of whine

Mystery Yarn

It arrived! And I was thrilled to see the beautiful yarn. Yummy, yummy new yarn.

Brown wool for a hat and convertible mittens for my brother-in-law.

A fabulous reddish-purple for the tilted duster. It so totally rocks, this yarn.

And then there was this.

Lime green cashmere. I have no idea what I was planning to use this for. Clearly, I had a plan. One does not buy lime green cashmere without a plan. But I have no fricking idea what that plan was. Ideas anyone???


I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the mail, as hopefully my new yarn should be arriving with it. I really want my new yarn. I have become fixated on my new yarn. If the new yarn does not arrive, I will be very, very sad. The mail is always here by noon, and here it is, almost 2pm and still, no mail. Of course.

You don’t think I have a yarn problem, do you?

Overheard in the playroom

C: “A stay still! Stay still!!!!! You have to stay STILL to play this game!”

A: “I am! I’m trying! I can’t!”

C: “You can! I want you to stay still just like we do in church. THAT’s how still you have to be!”

A: “Well, that’s not a very fun game.”

Is it December yet?

Because on December 1st, Breakfast with Santa will be over. My dining room table will stop being a repository for stacks of BWS crap. My phone will stop ringing off the hook with desperate pleas for tickets, more tickets, changes in ticket times, questions about the menu, the decorations, and the toys. My fridge will be turned back over to our household’s food. My living room will no longer house 300 goody bags. And my children will get their mommy back.

C’s opinion of the whole thing? “I think we should give more money to the church. Because maybe then you won’t have to work so hard.” Ah, if only that was how it worked…

Holiday Gifts: Solved

At pick-up yesterday, a friend approached me and asked what I was planning on doing for all of the teachers. I looked blankly at her and said “Huh?” And she reminded me that now that C is in kindergarten, there are music teachers and gym teachers and librarians, and art teachers, and etc, etc, etc. I literally groaned and said “Really? I am supposed to give something to all of them too? What could I possibly give that one of the billion other students they have hasn’t already given? And I don’t care how much they might love cookies, I am fairly confident that they don’t want ALL. THOSE. COOKIES.” I refrained from adding that I was also pretty sure that they really didn’t want cookies from my kitchen.

After getting over the initial wave of horror, I came home and pondered whether I should do anything at all, and if so, what. And I came up with this. Yes, every “significant adult of the teaching variety” is getting a share of a sheep from the Heifer Project for the holidays. Because it makes me feel good, and I will bet dollars to donuts that at least 9 out of 10 of them will be thrilled to not receive something to clutter their desks or their thighs.

Never say never

My long time readers may remember my horror at the resurgence of the skinny jean. And my equal horror that Rebecca had embraced the trend while living in London.

Today, I have on a pair of skinny jeans and a cashmere baby doll top (Old Navy! $40! $40 cashmere! Only in the store! Merry Happy Holidays!). And I have already gotten three compliments on how skinny I look.

Clearly, I have no idea what actually might look good on…

Christmas had Sprung

Christmas has come a bit early Chez J-E, in an effort to perk myself up a bit. And so, even though I generally don’t start decorating until the second (or, really third, because I’m lazy like that) weekend in December, this morning I put up the outdoor trees and window swags.

Now all we need is a little snow…and some cookies.

Knitting diet week 3

Projects knit – 1 shawl and 1/4 or a hat (pictures to come later when I have access to a card reader).

Pounds lost – 2

Are you seeing a trend here? Me too. I have two more holiday gifts to finish, then I am going to give the tilted duster a try. The yarn for it should be arriving early next week. M says that the knitting diet might end up being the most expensive weight-loss tool out there, given my love of soft and yummy yarn.

And in January I think we should have a knit-a-long. Because I’ve always wanted to do one but am too shy to break into someone else’s. I think I have enough knitting readers to make it fun. So if you’re interested, chime in on what you would be interested in knitting. And lurkers who knit, this means you too. Because if I’m throwing a shy gals knit-a-long, then it’s your chance to enjoy one too…