Go figure

I took this quiz, as seen at Revdrmom’s, on which candidate held views closest to mine. The result? Joe Biden. Go figure. Every time I see anything about him I scream at the TV “Stop running already! Who is giving you money???? You are NEVER going to win!” Apparently, people like me are giving him money (hangs head in shame for doubting the one who is obviously my political solution). Hilary came in a distant second, which is the direction I am leaning even though it pains me to no end. Really, there is no one who I am willing to throw myself behind like I did Bill Bradley (I still have my Bill Bradley hat. And clearly I have a tendency towards agreeing with folks who don’t have a shot of winning).

I actually think I played the role of Joe Biden’s campaign manager in high school at a mock election. In which he got clobbered by Dukakis (hey, I went to prep school in Massachusetts, he didn’t have a shot).

Go take it, it’s fun. And I suppose eye opening, if you believe in such quizzes…


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