Knitting diet week 3

Projects knit – 1 shawl and 1/4 or a hat (pictures to come later when I have access to a card reader).

Pounds lost – 2

Are you seeing a trend here? Me too. I have two more holiday gifts to finish, then I am going to give the tilted duster a try. The yarn for it should be arriving early next week. M says that the knitting diet might end up being the most expensive weight-loss tool out there, given my love of soft and yummy yarn.

And in January I think we should have a knit-a-long. Because I’ve always wanted to do one but am too shy to break into someone else’s. I think I have enough knitting readers to make it fun. So if you’re interested, chime in on what you would be interested in knitting. And lurkers who knit, this means you too. Because if I’m throwing a shy gals knit-a-long, then it’s your chance to enjoy one too…


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