Wanna know how the rest of my day is going???

The kids had their first lunchables ever. I had drive thru Burger King at 2:30 (and no, I didn’t order the salad). Right now the kids are watching TV while I frantically try to wash and dry their swim clothes that I found in the bag from last week. Ewww.

My dinner is going to consist of appetizers and cookies. Although I still need to figure out a cookie solution for the swap in T-minus four hours. I have a feeling the the burned biscotti from yesterday will be it, and I’ll just pretend that they aren’t mine. Or else I’ll throw myself on the mercy of Organized Friend who I KNOW just baked 12 dozen lovely cookies yesterday morning.

On the upside, I finished my brother-in-law’s hat late last night.

Now I just have to figure out when I can wrap it and get to the post office.

God I just love the holidays.


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