True Love

True love is crawling into bed with someone who says their tummy hurts while wearing cashmere.

Please, oh please make the tummy bug go away. Please. I beg you.


Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

So a question for y’all (and DON’T you DARE Google it!). How many oceans are there and what are their names (Gina, you can totally steal this for your trivia contest, which you have been sorely neglectful of now that I am just questions away from that candy!)

No less than ten moms were completely befuddled by this question while waiting for swimming class to get out this afternoon. And no less than eight of us got on our cell phones and asked our husbands to Google the answer. The only person who got it right without the help of Google? The fifth grader.

Give it a whirl. Perhaps some of you are more up on such things than I…

Overheard in the middle of the night

C: “Mommy, I need to snuggle in your bed. I had a nightmare yesterday.”

Chichimama: “Ulngh? A nightmare yesterday doesn’t translate into a snuggle in my bed today.”

C: “Huh. OK. Night Mom.”

About five minutes later….

C: “Mommy? How about a snuggle in my bed? Because it was a scary dream you know.”

Chichimama: “Do you want to tell me about it?”

C: “Well….I don’t ACTUALLY remember it. But I am SURE it was scary.”

Mommy: “C, I am tired. And if I don’t go back to sleep I will be tired tomorrow, and if I am tired tomorrow than I may not be very nice, because I get cranky when I am tired. Much like a certain little boy I know.”

C: “Oh fine.” C stomps off to bed and almost wakes A.

Chichimama: “CRANKY C! I am already CRANKY!”

C: “Then clearly your bedtime is too late and we need to start making sure you go to bed earlier.”

A slight edge

I think that, given my druthers, I would take the tummy bug over the multi-day viral something with fever. Even though the tummy bug is gross, at least once your child has thrown up all over themselves, you, and the new rug, she is somewhat happy, at least until she needs to throw up again. And, in general, the tummy bug isn’t a long, drawn out affair.

Or, perhaps I am just trying to make myself see the silver lining.

Knit A Long Update

So those of you who are interested can head on over to the knit-a-long blog, where an interesting discussion is already underway, even though there is no pattern yet.

I think we found his calling

My five, almost six year old just seriously trounced me in chess. It was his second full game ever. His first? He put me in check mate in four moves.

I think it is time to dig my old chess books out of the attic and hand them over, after I re-read them of course.

It is so nice to have a heads up

M is currently upstairs, felled by a tummy bug of explosive proportions. It is so nice to know how I will be spending the next several days. I have banned the children from the upstairs, but we all know that it is only a matter of time before the rest of the family succumbs.

We were due for a tummy bug, it’s been about two years since we had one. But this was not the weekend I would have chosen. Right about now we were supposed to be in the car, headed off on a grand family adventure to view the dinosaurs at the large museum in the city that never sleeps, followed by dinner at the best pizza dive known to man.

And the real crime? I had JUST washed and remade all the beds.


C failed his first school test, the eye exam, Yes, the child of two people who can’t see squat without their glasses, and whose aunts, and grandparents, and great-grandparents, all wear glasses, is apparently as blind as a bat. Or else he was just in a really uncooperative mood when they did the eye exam at school. Given the genes, however, we’re going with blind as a bat.

Now the parental guilt can kick in about not taking him to the eye doctor’s earlier….

Decisions Decisions

OK, so I’m going to give you all some felted bag choices. I am all about democracy here. Except I have a favorite, which I’m not telling you, and if it’s close we’re going with it. Because it’s my party and I can choose if I want to :-). Kidding (sort of).

Drum roll please!!!!

First up, Amanda’s Squatty Side Kick.

Next up, the Carried-Away Felted Bag. (requires getting your hands on the book).

Finally, the Sophie Bag. As recommended by Stephanie.

Comments close whenever enough of you chime in. Or sometime next week when I get itchy for closure…

And the winner is….

A felted bag! If you are interested in knitting along, I’ve set up a separate blog and will give anyone who is knitting access to it. So email me if you are interested and I’ll figure out how to set that up. I am searching for a pattern tonight, right after I plan the Sunday School lesson for tomorrow.