The power

As some of you know, I was a television production major in college (among other things). One of the things that was drilled into us during our four years of study was the power of the media. I vividly remember a professor setting the exact same two minutes of video to two different soundtracks, and how astounding it was to see how our perceptions of the piece changed based on the music that was played.

Although I am somewhat less than thrilled with the Democratic choices I face in the primary tomorrow, I had decided to vote for Clinton. I saw this video over at RevDrMom’s place, and the power of it was amazing.

I’m still voting for Clinton. But I really want to intern under Obama’s media director.*

*I know the campaign claims it has no connection to it. And they may not. But if I were running a campaign media team (which I am not) this is just the type of piece I would come up with, hand off to someone else anonymously, claim ignorance of its origins and then exploit the hell out of . Or, if some one else had actually managed to pull this together without me having to have spent money, I would still exploit the hell out of it. Either way, you can’t convince me that the campaign hasn’t had some hand in making it as wildly popular as it is.


  1. I am an Obama Mama and had never seen this video. Thanks for sharing, it’s really cool!

  2. Like the new digs!

  3. Go you with your own domain!

    I was also not thrilled with the choices. And also voted for Clinton. Despite thinking months ago that I would not.

    I want to watch that video now…once I get back from the pediatrician, I swear. And unload the dishwasher.

  4. Congrats on the new domain!

    And Clinton? Sigh. You’re so lucky you’re funny and I like you. 🙂

  5. Lovely new site!

    I voted for Obama myself, in this one. I’ll vote for Hillary in the fall if that’s my fate (and it seems likely). But I wanted to go for the aspirational one this time out.

  6. Happy New House!! Loving the look!


  7. Hey, look at your in your new home! I love it!

    I posted that video over at my place yesterday. I can’t get enough of it. I voted for Obama yesterday and I can honestly say that I have never been more thrilled to cast a vote for a candidate before. This wasn’t a vote against someone but definitely one for someone. What a feeling. (Though I’d be fine with Hillary too — just not thrilled, as I am with Obama.)

    (BTW, from what I know, the video was made by of the Black Eyed Peas — he appears in it — and so, yes, definitely professionally done. He has ALL of the muscial connections. It was then passed on to the Obama campaign as a “campaign gift” and spread from there.)

    Congratulations, again, on your new digs. So cool! And I love the color scheme.

  8. Me and my Boy love. that. video. Is it crazy when a seven year old asks to re-watch a “campaign video” (even though it’s not *really* a campaign video).

    I interned for a senator once. No one in a senate campaign is wise enough or has enough connections to do a video like this one. =)

    Your new place ROCKS.

  9. Cool video. I am in marketing too and I have to agree that it is likely posed and they are “doin their thing” by acting like they had no parts in it. Right…

    Even though it is nice, no video is going to get me to vote for someone who I don’t think will make things REALLY happen. Hillary has the best shot at really turning around the country. I guess I am too much a realist.

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