It takes two

This story will surprise no one who knows my daughter.  For as long as A has been a semi-conscious individual, she has been absolutely convinced that I am somehow very wrong, and she is actually the same age as C.  I spent the first few months (months, not weeks) of kindergarten pulling her out of the line kicking and screaming “But I AM five, I AM!”  She has convinced random strangers that she is five, almost six and just on the small side.  She almost weaseled her way into the kindergarten story hour a few weeks ago before C blew the whistle on her and she was sent sobbing back to me “But I AM five, I AM!”

Today at dinner, she concocted a plan.  “My birthday is NOT in May anymore, it is in MARCH.”

C looked at her and said “March?  March what?”

“March 18th.”

“But that would make us TWINS A, and we are NOT TWINS.”

A grinned.  C looked at her a bit puzzled.  Then his brain started chugging away as well.  “Well, if we were TWINS, we would have to share a birthday party.  It would be half Space and half Princess.  MAYBE we would get TWICE the number of presents!”

A grinned some more.  C shrugged.  “OK, we can be twins.  But I DRAW THE LINE at sharing a room.”

A clapped delightedly and announced “Tomorrow I will tell Mrs. S that I am now your twin and in kindergarten.  What was the homework tonight?”



  1. Oh my she is in a hurry to grow up. And so smart too! I don’t envy you having to tell her that it isn’t her birthday in March though 🙂

  2. J totally wants to be in kindergarten, too. Good luck with the birthday party plans 😉

  3. That is so very funny, and I needed a good laugh tonight! What a darling.

  4. What a clever little girl. I hope her enthusiasm for school continues…

    Heidi 🙂

  5. I LOVE this! I laughed out loud about what was the tonight’s homework. Too cute!

  6. Well, since C is allowed to choose his own reading homework (rolling eyes), maybe he and A can come to some sort of agreement.

    AM is pretty thoroughly convinced that he and Miss M are contemporaries, I think. Except for that whole speaking thing. And the fact that she is like 8 inches taller.

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