For those of you who love tea

My favorite herbal tea of all time is now available online. Order it. You will love it. I promise. And order a few of their other teas while you are at it, I have yet to have one I haven’t loved.  And try to get over the price, clearly I don’t drink this every day but when I feel the need to treat myself, this is totally top of my list.  Even above my glass of wine…which should tell you just how much I love this tea.

M will be thrilled that I will no longer require that he shlep many, many blocks out of his way to procure me tea…



  1. I’ve never heard of it but, it sure sounds yummy!

  2. Looks delicious! I bought a couple of teas at Teavana last week. They are delicious, but reserved for rare treats as they are spendy. But I will have to try this one next!

  3. I loves me some tea!

  4. Yeah, I totally love tea as well. Yum.

  5. i love t-salon. they used to be around the corner from my office. alas, they moved.

    try whispering heaven sometime.

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