The Homework Grind

Every week, C is assigned a standard set of homework. On Mondays he has to turn in nine printed words assigned by the teacher. On Tuesdays he is to practice the song of the week. On Wednesdays he needs to cut out three pictures that begin with the letter of the week. On Thursdays he has a one page worksheet of the “color by number/letter” variety. On Fridays he needs to return his reading book for the week with an illustration and one sentence detailing what he liked best about the book.

I hate the homework. The homework does nothing to further his education, and it contributes in a large part to my stress levels. Do you want to know why? Well, at the moment, C has been working on writing his nine words for THREE HOURS, and he still has six words to go. He has been perfectly cheerful and happy to sit down and do his homework today, but OMG. How long can I be trapped here answering questions like “Do you think I should write the word ‘brown’ in brown? Or should I do it in pen instead of pencil?” Or “The word growl makes me think of a dog. A doesn’t like dogs. I like dogs. Do you like dogs?” My favorite yet is “How long have I been sitting here? Three hours? Oh! That’s not so bad.” And we go through this every. single. night.

It should surprise no one that we have given up on the song of the week practice. And that I pre-locate the letter of the week pictures in magazines and oh so casually dog ear the pages to make them easy to find. But still? I calculated that so far this week, I have spent seven hours (and counting!) listening to my son NOT doing his homework. I am going to go insane.



  1. That would drive me insane.

  2. This is like the interactions I have with Miss M over her artwork, but writ large and for “credit.” So, ACK!

    May I recommend some special homework-only pen/pencil set to cut down on some of the irritation? (If you think it would work.) Too bad his teacher seems like such a pill–you need someone on your side to try to combat this…

  3. When I first started reading I was thinking, boy J doesn’t even get homework, maybe his teacher is not doing all she should! Then, as I read on I realized that you are in the fiery pits of homework, the kind of pit that No Mother should ever see. I sure hope it improves, especially as his school years progress.

  4. Tea and Bon Bons says:

    Julia has very little homework and it usually has to do with practice writing their sight words. I think what C has is also unnecessary and of course it’s stressful for the mom! Kids that age should not have that much homework.

    I especially hate the cutting out of pictures. I don’t keep old magazines in the house, so of course whenever we have these assignments, we have nothing to cut out. I have actually started saving trash (ad mailers) for this very purpose. It’s just wrong!

  5. Ack. Kids that age don’t need homework.

    Homework has been the bane of my existence for as long as the Kid has been in school–well, since 2nd grade which is when he started having it.

  6. We definitely have it easy, it seems. M gets a list on Monday with the week’s assignments. These usually consist of drawing a picture and writing a sentence to describe it. There is almost always one day where the homework is “discuss your day, what is the best and worst thing that happened today?” P and I looked at each other the first time this “assignment” came home, astonished that some parents apparently need to be told to ask their kid how the day went. I totally feel your pain on the dawdling.

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