Third time’s the charm?

Right after I got off the phone with my sister this afternoon, having whined about how I had no plans to keep the children entertained for the remainder of the day, C decided to climb one of the support poles in the basement. You know where this is going, don’t you?

Ah yes indeed, a trip to our thankfully local and even better yet, friendly, emergency room. With both kids in tow. On a Sunday afternoon. Whoever guesses closest to how long we were there wins a very special prize to be determined once I have my dinner and a glass of wine…Anywhoo, yes indeed, C ripped open his chin for the third time in as many years. This time it took six stitches to get it closed.

It was rather clear that the doctor who stitched him up was not used to working with children. When she came into the room and asked C what had happened, he shrugged in that “I don’t know you so I’m not going to tell you anything” type of way and then mumbled “I don’t remember.” She then tried to fly out of the room and order a CAT scan before I convinced her that really, I was fairly confident that he hadn’t bumped his head, just his chin, and he was only being uncooperative.

Then she kept trying to dance around the the whole needle thing by saying things like “I’m going to give you a little pinch of medicine” to which C replied “You mean a shot. To numb my chin.” She blinked hard and then moved on to “Then I’m just going to do something that is a little like taping a ripped picture together,” to which C responded “You mean you are going to stitch up my chin.” She looked at me, and then him, and said “He’s rather smart.” Umm, I think he is just rather clear, having done this before, exactly what was going on.

But, par for the course, C was a trooper and did not move a muscle while she was stitching him up. And was, of course, rewarded by a rather extravagant gift of a matchbox plane, two chocolate chip cookies and a rather large cup of juice. Leading him to believe that the emergency room was not such a bad place to be after all, especially since he got to watch an awful lot of TV.

So much for life lessons.



  1. I am going to guess five hours.

    It is funny how some people underestimate kids.

  2. Oh poor you. I am thinking six and a half hours. Just because it was a nice day.

    And I ripped open my chin back in grade school (grade 4). People always ask about the scar under my chin (that makes me have a double chin by the way) and I forget that I have it. I had 8 stitches in the muscle and 8 on the outside. I wish it was a cool story, but I simple lost my grip on the tire swing and went flying through the air, landing on frozen sand. Broke four teeth (thankfully not permanent ones) with the ride too!

  3. Nothing like a visit to the ER to liven up the weekend, eh? Glad everyone’s OK.


  4. LOL at the reward. Sounds suspiciously like Miss M’s sick day last week (minus the plane)–TV, treats, and unlimited juice.

    How are these kids going to learn? 🙂

  5. PS I am going to guess 2:30 to 7 as ER time.

  6. I’ll guess four and a half hours. Poor C, poor you. What a brave little guy! One of the funniest pictures I have of M is her standing outside the ER with her freshly broken arm in a sling, smiling big and eating a popsicle! Glad that you made it through the trauma, and hope he heals up quickly!

  7. I think 5 hours.

    And what is it with doctors who can’t talk to kids?

  8. Oh you poor guys! I’m sorry about C’s chin, and I hope he’s feeling better. But not so much better that he tries that climb again!

  9. One Tired Ema and Steph are our lucky winners! Actual time spent in the ER was 4 hours, 35 minutes. They will both receive some yummy tea from my favorite tea store!

  10. Eek, the ER. We were there today. Bleck.

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