Sniff Sniff

Anyone who knows me knows I have a lousy sense of smell. Probably the worst sense of smell ever. M and C can be cringing from some foul smell and I will be happily prattling on about the lovely scenery. But for the last two days I have been hysterically searching my house for the source of the burning smell, which clearly doesn’t exist as hello! it has been two days and my house is still intact. The kids look at me blankly when I ask them if they smell burnt toast, and the cats have been less than thrilled by my midnight sniffing forays through the house.

Clearly, I am losing my mind.



  1. It is a nasal hallucination. I get them from time to time too. I once kept smelling dog food even though there are no pets in my house.

  2. Tea and Bon Bons says:

    You’re pregnant.

    Ha. Ha.

    Well, that’s one thing we have in common–I, too, have a lousy sense of smell! I didn’t realize it until I met hubby. He’s a smoker but has an amazing sense of smell anyway. Weird.

  3. My coffee machine smells of burnt toast when the last dregs are burning in the pot, but – no doubt – this isn’t it if it’s been two days.

    I do get occasional olfactory hallucinations, too.

  4. badnessjones says:

    You still have some mind to lose? With your children how old, already? Good for you, Chichimama….my mind has been gone so long I hardly remember it!!

  5. Why is it that the olfactory hallucinations are never good? How come it’s never fresh bread or warm cookies or chocolate? Rather burnt toast or (in my case) gas?

  6. Sometimes I wish I had that problem. I am the exact opposite. I have a ridiculous heightened sense of smell. A walk down the mall past Yankee Candle is enough to give me a migraine.

    Oh, and my mind definitely went years ago. Mind gone, smell strong. Nice.

  7. I have an impeccable sense of smell. My godmother says it’s because she dreamed I didn’t have a nose while my mom was pregnant so she started praying I’d have one. 🙂 Now I have a great sense of smell and generally attach smells to memories and such…anyway, hope you find the burning toast soon! 🙂

  8. I have an overly-sensitive sense of smell, actually. I’ll be glad to come over and check for you!

  9. That happens to me when I haven’t had enough sleep. Could that be it?

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