The blogger formerly known as Mom Underground

My older readers may remember Mom Underground, who was one of my favorite haunts.  She has unfortunately given up blogging, choosing to instead spend her time sewing.  And she now has a to die for inventory of handmade bags, aprons and some special vintage finds in her very own shop!  I personally have my eye on this fabulous bag.  Her craftiness almost inspires my to dust off my not so old sewing machine…or maybe I’ll just commission her to make me pretty things!

Go check her out, and then report back on your favorite items!



  1. ooh! I love that bag too! and it’s gone…wah! I’ll just have to bookmark her, and hope she makes more! Thanks for the link!

  2. What a beautiful handbag…

  3. I love that bag, too. All these creative people make me feel so inadequate. Hey, at least I can bake. Ask me to sew a button though, and you’ll be in some trouble…

  4. Etsy is such a black hole…I get lost looking at all the cute stuff on there!

  5. Nice patterns. And quilted too! I must go back and see some more. I can spend hours upon hours on Etsy.

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