The gift that keeps on giving

When A was one and a half, I, the good mother, bought her exactly what I knew she would love for Christmas, a singing Wags the Dog.  I figured that hey, the Wiggles are a short lived phase, and Wags would make up for the fact that pretty much every other age-appropriate toy had been bought for her big brother by various folks two years before.   “I give it six months” I told my husband.  “Maybe nine.”

Guess who woke me up at 4am today?  Yeah.  Wags.  Tells you what I know about my child.  And does the fact that I am considering “losing” Wags on the trip to London next week totally wipe out the good mother karma I built up by purchasing him in the first place???



  1. Could Wags stop talking?? I would be so sad to lose a favourite toy of one of the kids, I would rather pull the batteries and make it silent first. A friend gave us at chicken dancing Elmo for Apple and it will be going silent very soon.

  2. I second the losing the batteries idea, or that the music part somehow “broke.” You tried replacing the batteries, but it just won’t work anymore, sorry dear. 😉 It must be the motor or something….

  3. If you’re thinking of arriving at my house with Wags in tow (and worse yet, leaving him here), think again my friend. 🙂

  4. I agree with the idea of looking the batteries. A lot of our toys have had battery removal surgery and survived unscathed. I am using our move as a way to really clean house in the annoying toy department. I don’t care if it was a gift and the boys love it, I am so tired of hearing them. Silence is golden.

  5. I think laryngitis is going around. Gee, I hope Wags doesn’t get it?!?

  6. I. Hate. Talking. Toys.

    Wags needs to be de-talkified. What boogiemum said. And *giggle* @ Rebecca’s comment!

    London?? Boy, I got back here at the right time. I can’t wait to hear all the details!

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