Open mouth, insert boob

I had lunch today with a fairly new friend who has chosen not to breastfeed. As she was ordering lunch she commented how hungry she has been since she had her baby, and without thinking I said “Oh, it’s the breastfeeding, I ate like a PIG when I was nursing, and then kept eating like one for months after I stopped.” Thankfully she is a gracious and not easily offended person, and came back with “Well, I’m fairly confident it isn’t the breastfeeding (brandishing a bottle for effect), so I’m personally blaming it on the sleep deprivation.”

I refrained the urge to crawl under the nearest table (it WAS a child-friendly joint and MAN was the floor in need of a good sweep), but spent the rest of the lunch internally cringing and wondering if I would ever be able to recover from that one.



  1. Oops! I probably would have said the same thing. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I would of done the same thing there, too. Don’t worry, if she is a good person, she will let it go. If not, just blame it on your sleep deprivation 🙂 Usually all moms can’t get enough sleep, right ?

  3. Ruh. Roh. I’ve said worse to new mothers. *blush*

  4. I would have said the exact same thing. And I too have said things that I cringe about for years later, but what to do. It was an honest reply.

  5. I wasn’t able to breastfeed Mr. P, but if a friend had said that to me, I wouldn’t be offended.

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