Ah, travel

We are currently in residence at Rebecca’sin London.  It has been lovely to see the whole Rebecca family, and they have been gracious and wonderful hosts, even as my children have turned their very tidy flat upside down and eaten them out of house and home.  I also have much sympathy for Rebecca and her washing machine woes, we would never survive.  And I would like to apologize to her for totally disrupting her laundry flow as I figure it will take her well over a week to recover from our visit.

The first three days we were here I was fairly confident that at least one member of our family wasn’t going to survive this trip intact, although I was a little unclear which member it would be.  Yesterday was a bit better, and definitely helped by the fact that Rebecca’s lovely babysitter was responsible for putting the children to bed.  And bless her heart, she said my children were “really lovely” which I am fairly confident means something other that “really lovely” but I’m choosing to take her at face value to save my own sanity.

It has so far snowed two out of the four days we have been here, but yesterday was “really lovely” as London weather goes, and my children marched admirably around London in search of the perfect postcards.  M wandered around with jaw wide open, floored by the lack of half-and-half and thrilled by the ready availability of good beer.  C has seen all that he wanted to see in London, Big Ben (from across the street) and the London Eye, which we thankfully did not go on as the day we were there it got stuck for an hour and a half.

Today M is actually conducting some business and I have every intention of forcing my children to exhaust themselves treking through the city again, with the carrot of a playground at the end of it.  If we get a chance I plan to visit my old flat, which is apparently located in a very hoity toity neighborhood these days, who knew?  Then tomorrow we are going to have the great pleasure of a very.long.time. on a very.small.airplane. with two children who will be simultaneously weeping at the thought of leaving their very bestest friends ever, and demanding to know when we will be home.

I am sure that we will travel again.  But thanks to a really horrible bedtime battle, it will not be to Disney, at least this year as in a fit of anger M announced “I think Disney is off the table for November” and I happily chimed in with a “Oh yes!  you have gotten out of bed WAY to many times to go see Disney this year, so sorry!”  Proving yet again that there is in fact a silver lining to everything…



  1. LOL at the grand finale. Who knew a trip abroad could be so productive and financially prudent? 🙂

    Glad you are having a good(ish) trip-with-kids. Hey, nobody’s feverish, right?

  2. I’m so glad you and yours are scoring big time with the Rebecca family. No Disney. Whoo-hoo!

  3. Glad that you all made it over to visit Rebecca and family, and that you’re having a good trip! I would be willing to bet that Rebecca won’t hold the laundry setbacks against you. 😉 Safe travels home, and good luck with the flight!!

  4. Well worth the laundry woes!

    I know that bedtime was less than smooth, but overall, I think the sitter nailed it. Your children were really. lovely. The fact that I never heard them in the mornings when they woke up earlier than my family… the fact that there was not one significant argument between any of the four children… the amount of schlepping around town that they gamely endured… seriously lovely.

    Travel is hard, particularly when routines are interrupted. But your kids really were great. Personally, I’d take *any* excuse to skip a Disney trip. But give C and A some credit where it’s due… they were great houseguests!

    We miss you already…

  5. I’m with Kate, thank goodness there are no feverish kids! And how wonderful that you got to spend time with your close friends. I hope London was all you remembered it to be and that going with the kids doesn’t discourage a future visit.

    And Disney, we are still waiting to decide when the kids will get to go 😉

  6. It ALL sounds really lovely! Hooray for you and the Rebecca family! 🙂

  7. Even with the laundry woes, the snow, the trekking and no half-and-half (I have an addiction to it in my coffee)…it does indeed sound Really Lovely. =)

    Oh, and my Hubs considers Disney the Evil Spot on Earth. I’m (like half-and-half) seriously addicted to it. I’ll take your kids, k? 😉

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