Not my mother’s shoes

When did I turn into the kind of person who came about 30 seconds from purchasing these shoes at DSW today because they were just. so. comfortable.?


If you wear these shoes, please don’t take offense, as I really, really wanted to buy them. But they reminded me of my mother, and although I intellectually acknowledge that I am several years older than my mother was when I was C’s age, I cannot quite bring myself to face up to the fact that am no longer in the life stage I was when I tottered around New York City all summer in shoes much like these.


(And I truly mean all over the city, as I was very Sex in the Cityish in my refusal to wear the commuter shoe.)

So instead of buying my mother’s shoes, I tried on every other pair of sandal in the store. I did. And I left with nothing. Because once I had the comfortable shoes as the standard, anything less than that comfortable got quickly returned to the shelf.

I feel like I am trapped between two worlds, the stiletto world of OHMommy and the comfort sandal world of my mother. What are you wearing on your feet?



  1. I was never stylish, so it has pretty much always been about comfort for me. Right now I don’t have anything on my feet. They seem to be happier that way.

  2. Vanity, vanity, all is vanity.

    I have a pair of Rockports that I really like. They are comfy enough to wear places I have to walk (arch support!), yet they are stylish enough to wear under nice, flare-leg jeans. They have 3″ heels.

    Looking at their website, I suppose they fall more in the “mother” category than super stylish, but I don’t really care. I mean, there was a day when I wouldn’t wear anything other than tennis shoes or Birkenstocks.

    I enjoy finding a nice pair of heels nowadays, but comfort is still a requirement. Otherwise, they’d never get worn, and then what’s the point?? Shoes like you pictured I would buy for everyday, shopping, going to the pool, etc. — but would still hold out for something dressier to wear when meeting with friends or something.

    FWIW, my mom dresses better than I do now. 😦

  3. crocs, i only wear crocs

  4. I am making my hair dresser cut my hair differently because the cut she gave me reminds me of the way my mother (your grandmother, although you never knew her) wore her hair. We all want to be uniquely ourselves and I think that is a good thing!


  5. I have a pair of shoes almost exactly like the ones Kate posted above.

    And I’m all about the danskos–not clogs but their other shoes. It’s all about comfort for me. Although there is a line I won’t cross (yet anyway) about what I consider ‘old lady shoes’. It’s all relative I guess. πŸ™‚

  6. Lately, I mostly wear Crocs, sneakers or Lands’ End moccasins. I’m all about comfort. I could totally see myself wearing the first pair of sandals πŸ™‚

  7. I am on my feet all day running back and forth and sometimes moving boxes, most days I have 3 1/2″ heels on. I just can’t give them up, I am too short. Honest though I think they have molded to my feel after all this time, it hurts more to wear flats. That can’t be a good sign.

  8. Cowboy boots and heels. But I sprained my ankle mowing my lawn last weekend, so it’s been Danskos all week.

    Those heels look awesome!! I love heeled sandals in the summer with a dress. πŸ˜‰

  9. i used to wear high, high heels to work, but then spent one day on my feet for 4 hours in the emergency room, so that ended.

    i now find myself lusting after these really cute mary-jane danskos. and commuting in sneakers…

  10. hey there….I know the feeling – I really don’t want to buy heels for internship this summer! I’ve been living in my Top-Siders, Chacos (sandals like Tevas), and these shoes by Keen that are really ugly but so ugly they’re cute. πŸ™‚ And SO comfortable!

  11. I wear a bit of both. I would love to wear stylin’ heels every single day, but it just isn’t practical, so I have some sandals, wedges, slip ons, flip flops, a little bit of everything just to get through the summer.

  12. Oh yeah, I live in Chacos and Keenes during the summer….

  13. I really love to wear ballet flats during the day. They are so comfortable and still a little stylish.

  14. I love the high heel strappy sandals, and I used to wear them all day at work (on my feet) before having kids, but now I just can’t bear them for long. I’m in the market for new summer shoes….I have my eyes on these for spring….

  15. I just read my last comment and obviously I wore the shoes on my feet, but what I meant was that I was on my feet all day – not at a desk!

  16. You were trying on sandals? In April? You ARE an optimist!

    Where I live, those first shoes would be considered dressy : )

  17. People laughed at me in high school for wearing Earth Shoes, and but my earth shoe, then birkenstock, then dansko/keen/eccoed feet are usually pretty darn happy at the end of the day. Those first shoes look a lot like some of mine!

  18. Who knew that shoes would generate so many comments??? My goodness! I have never tried keen’s, but based on the number of folks who have suggested them I might have to try them!

  19. I own three different pairs of Keens. Super comfortable and some of them come in fun, bright colors.

  20. I have the ugliest toes in the universe so I don’t do sandals. If I did you bet they would be the flattest, most comfortable ones in existence. I have about 5 pairs of black dressy shoes. The 3 with heels almost never get worn–and if they do it is only to synagogue and back (less than 1 block). My mom did the whole “I am a stylish 20-something” back in her time, and now I don’t think she has a single pair of shoes that doesn’t hurt her by the end of the day (including sneakers!), and misaligned hips to boot.

    I pledged my troth to Lands End all weather mocs several years ago. They are not stylish, but hey, neither am I.

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