Ah, it speaks the truth!

As seen everywhere

and almost wakes a
chichimama cranky c
i am tired

I had to cheat and use my old blogger site, but yep. Still cranky. Go figure.



  1. You asked about my food storing habits on my blog. Basically I keep what dry and canned goods we use on a regular basis on hand and in larger quantities. I watch for sales so that I can stock up. We have a big (well big compared to the last few apartments we have lived in) pantry and we also store some of the overflow in the garage. Like you, our freezer also plays an important role in our food storage. We keep it packed pretty full of stuff unless of course we are moving. Our freezer is what we are really pushing to empty since the movers will move our canned and dry goods.

  2. Fun! I’ll have to try it out too…

  3. HA! I want to try it too!

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