Today I went to a “ladies lunch,” featuring some fabulous authors. As I stood in my closet this morning I realized that despite some shopping this spring I had nothing appropriate to wear to a “ladies lunch.” (And really, what DOES one wear to a ladies lunch? And who really has the time to lunch anymore? The only reason I was able to attend was because M decided that working at home and watching the kids for two hours beat fighting the Pope traffic).

After trying on pretty much everything from the back corner where the old work clothes still reside and realizing that I must have looked just atrocious in the late 1990’s, I finally settled on black pants and a brown sleeveless sweater. And yes, I looked out of place among the florals and pastels. But I had on a pair of stillettos from my pre-baby days, so I convinced myself that I looked snazzy enough. And I made it a point to tell anyone I met who I didn’t know that I was a city transplant. I just neglected to tell them how long ago I transplanted.

Anywhoo, it was all lovely. I won a beautiful watch, and there was a delicious lunch, even if the coffee was cold. But in the middle of the remarks from the “Mistress of Ceremonies,” I realized that I had used my salad fork for my main meal, the main meal fork for the dessert, and I had eaten my neighbor’s bread. Classy. Clearly I don’t get out much anymore.

Oh, and the Mistress of Ceremonies? Peggy Post. I’ll let you know when I am featured in her next book so you can laugh along with me, ahem.



  1. As faux pas go, I think you’re okay. 😉

  2. Oh my goodness, that is hilarious. I would love to hear Peggy Post speak. I am glad you were able to get out for a ladies lunch. I love it when I get a chance 🙂

  3. granolasusan says:

    You can eat lunch with me any day!

  4. Oh dear. Well at least it sounds like you had some fun.

  5. Too funny – I think you’re okay though. 🙂 Glad that you had a fun outing!

  6. Oh my…ending this day with a good giggle thanks to you! I think I have done the same things with cutlery ….and clothing? I looked at mine recently and thought, good thing I’m not going anywhere special soon…I have nothing to wear! I live in tshirts and jeans and my work clothes are all out of date.

  7. Florals and “right” forks? Come eat lunch with me – we’ll dine in jeans/tees and likely eat with our hands. 😉

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