Do you Twitter?  I’m trying it out, because I so need another activity to suck time out of my day.  And I know that some of you twitter (is it a verb?) because it found you in my address book.  But I’m a bit unclear how one actually uses twitter.  It is striking me as the type of thing I really don’t need in my life.  Opinions?



  1. I see it around…I’ve been considering it, too, but like you, wondering if I really need another thing to do online.

  2. I always think it’s weird when people’s facebook status messages read: “So-and-so is twittering.”

    For a long time, I pictured my facebook friends twitching out of control. Then I found out it was some new online thing.

  3. I have to say that I consider it just a bit too much information. The only people I could see really needing to know that I just went grocery shopping, dropped of the kid, or did the laundry would be my husband or close relatives.

  4. Twitter scares me! LOL! We signed up and participated in at as part of a work project – looking at new ways people communicate on-line, and it was TMI for me, personally.

  5. hey there! I had no idea what Twitter was until recently, and I did sign up……because, you know, I don’t procrastinate ENOUGH online. I’m not obsessive over it – but I’ll update it on occasion.

  6. I haven’t done it because I honestly don’t get it. If you can explain it to me, then I would be happy to try it out :).

  7. I don’t “get” twitter, either. Plus, I don’t think I am interesting enough to do it, *that* and it’s just another thing you don’t want to have access to if you’ve been drinking … i.e. drunk twittering, a lot like drunk dialing, drunk blogging, ect.

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