Random Bullets of Grumpiness

  • Why do people who get books for free on book trading sites feel the need to complain bitterly about one dogeared page?  You just got a $30 book for free, minus shipping costs.  It would never occur to me to complain about a  book I got for free except, perhaps, if there were multiple pages actually MISSING from the book.  And even then, I doubt I would bother.
  • Why do people crossing a road feel like they can stop in the middle of it to chat with a friend walking the other way?  Pick one side or the other folks, not the middle.  The next person to come along might not have the self-restraint I showed for TWO MINUTES this afternoon.
  • Why must small children who refuse to go to sleep at night feel like it is their prerogative to whine their way through the following day(s)?  I understand wanting to finish a good book, but so sorry, you still need to make it through your normal day(s) after the fact.  Just because you were up late reading does not excuse you from school attendance, even if it is library day and you already have enough books.
  • Why must sun block be so slimy and why does it have to be applied so frequently?  I dread the application of sunblock.
  • Why does the fish store have to close fifteen minutes before my husband gets off the train?  I really wanted grilled tuna for dinner tonight.
  • Why can’t I seem to lose the excess poundage I have been carrying for (gulp) four years now.  Oh, wait, I can answer that one.  Animal crackers, left over grilled cheese crust and wine.  Never mind…


  1. I’m with you on the sunscreen. I hate it. I admit, I don’t apply it nearly as often as I should. Once before going to the pool should get them through the whole day, right? I’m a big fan of the spray-on kind, even if it is expensive. The good news is, they eventually get old enough to do it themselves.

    Extra poundage? Ha – going on 9 years here. Grrr.

  2. May I add …

    Why do children insist on doing things for themselves only when that will add several minutes onto our departure time?

  3. I second every single one (except you waiting on the people in the road…you’re much more patient than I…) and can I add…

    Why is it so frackin’ difficult for my kids to decide what they want to have for breakfast in the morning?? It’s not that hard, people – the choices are limited, the selection rather boring. Make a choice and move on.

    (Thanks – that made me feel better! LOL!)

  4. Oh man, I can’t believe you sat there for two minutes without honking! I must not be a very nice person 🙂

  5. Yummmmm, leftover grilled cheese crust.

  6. yum….wine. 🙂

  7. What kind of sunscreen do you use? We use the Coppertone Broad Spectrum Spray, which is not slick-y or greasy at all. In fact, it’s rather dry!

    Boo on car-talkers! I had that happen to me once, too.

  8. Ug, one of those days! How about kids who absolutely refuse to eat supper, and then complain about being hungry?
    Hope things are better now 🙂

  9. A couple days after the fact… I concur with many of these statements. You are also much more patient than I. I would totally be honking at the talkers!!

    Where do you trade books? I have started going to the used book store, but trading sounds much easier… other than the complainer!!

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