In the middle of the night I woke up to the muffled noise of a crying child.  “Ulgh, A is up,” I thought and dragged myself out of my nice comfy bed to investigate.  But her door was open and she was sleeping soundly, as was C.  I was confused for a moment, and then realized that it was nice enough out that we had a window cracked, and apparently so did some other poor family whose child was clearly having a rough night.

I happily crawled into my bed and snuggled back into my pillow.  But the noise seemed to be getting louder.  “Is the child out and wandering around?”  I had visions of a sleepwalking child who had somehow managed to open her front door, and tried to remember where my shoes were.  Then I listened harder, and I reccognized the sound.

It was Dumb Cat, in a cat fight with Down the Street Neighbor Cat.  And so I did in fact have to drag myself out of bed, find my shoes, and troop outside in the middle of the night to break up a cat fight.  “If you are going to fight in the middle of the night Cat, next time could you please pick Down the Street Neighbor’s back yard instead of ours?”  Dumb Cat just looked at me pitifully and demanded a midnight snack.

By the time I made it back into my bed, I was up for the night.  Serves me right for having that moment of glee when I thought it was someone else’s child up in the middle of the night.



  1. Ugh! What a pain! Hope Dumb Cat stays out of fights (at least in your yard) and you get a much better night’s sleep tonight!

  2. Ugh! Too bad you could not have just shut the window and pretended that you had not heard the fight.

  3. Okay – this is a strike against the “I Wanna Get a Kitten for the Girl” argument. Middle-of-the-night cat arguments are sooo not my thing.

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