Overheard in the Family Room

Chichimama: “I’m not so sure about these caterpillars.  The FAQ say they are supposed to be substantially increasing over their original size, but they seem to be just as small as they were a few days ago.  They sure are pooping a lot though, so I guess they aren’t dead.”

M: “Ah!  That’s my problem!  I am a butterfly larvae!”

Chichimama falls on the floor laughing.  “Can I blog that?”



  1. Lol!

  2. Funny! Might be P’s problem too…. 😉

  3. Ah, a butterfly larvae in your midst….
    You have to do a post of M when the metamorphosis happens…

  4. Ha!

  5. Come to my house, we’ve been utterly invaded by caterpillars, all just inching along to become butt-ugly moths. I won’t even charge you for taking them off my hands. Perhaps you’re coming to BlogHer — I’ll save them for you.

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