Overheard in the Kitchen

Chichimama: “A, if you like fish so much, would you like to try shrimp?”

A makes a face and pretends to gag. “No!!!!”

Chichimama: “But it is pink!”

A: “Pink???  Yummm! Light pink or dark pink?”

Chichimama: “Light pink, with a little white.”

A: “Yes! Yes!”

Chichimama (under her breath): “Excellent.  I’ll just tell her to send me the therapy bills in 20 years…”



  1. Hey whatever works. Any time we have beans in a meal I call them jumping beans which magically makes them more palatable to the boys. Harry will actually pick out the beans and eat them even if he does not like the rest of the dish.

  2. Pink makes everything better, doesn it?

  3. That’s great! We used to call burritos “Elmo Burritos” to get M to eat them (actually, now that I think about it, we still call them that sometimes!).

  4. Very sneaky. Wait – you haven’t already set aside a Savings Account for your kids’ therapy bills? It’s a monthly deduction for us. They’re gonna need it (more than college, I think). 😉

  5. My daughter’s like that, but about purple. Too bad eggplant isn’t purple in the middle : )

  6. GENIUS! I am soooo going to try that one. Wait, is there any foods that are purple? That is our fav colour!

  7. I love this!

  8. Huh. I never thought to make a point of the food being pink. Maybe I should start dying chicken. But how do you turns peas pink?

  9. Sounds like our house at dinnertime. Maybe they can get a two patients for the price of one discount since they like the same color?

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