I am seriously debating turning on the heat.  I know, I know, it is the end of April.  But it is cold!  And damp!  And I already have on a sweater and slippers and my fleece, and I am still cold.  But yet the thermostat tells me it is 63 degrees in here, which is the norm for us in winter.

Maybe I am getting sick.



  1. 63 is well, well, below my cold threshold. Turn it on, baby!

  2. Turn it on!

    63 and damp is cold to me–okay for sleeping under nice covers, but cold for sitting around.

    Hope you’re not getting sick!

  3. Ours is on. It was 5-fucking-8 in here without it.

  4. I would definitely vote for turning it on, too!

  5. Just before reading this, I was saying to the kids, “I think maybe I’ll build a fire … it’s really cold in here.”

  6. Oh my that is chilly! I turned ours on today. It was just too damp and you know with the kids and all. I had to keep it warm :).

  7. We had ours on last weekend, as we got 2ft of snow!

  8. I turned ours on yesterday. I say “Turn it ON!!!!”

  9. I just turned on my heat… I was walking around with a comforter draped over my shoulders… And then I thought…’What the heck am I doing?’

  10. I keep turning off the heat. My husband, he of the recent triple bypass operation who was never cold before, keeps turning it on. All this does is delay the day when we turn on the back-up heat for the pool. (The main heat is solar.) I want one month each year with a low electric/gas bill. At this rate, the pool heat won’t be on until the end of June.

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