Developing a Reputation

Over the last week, I have had several casual acquaintances mention something about my “immaculate house” to which I have snorted, and commented that clearly they don’t spend much time in my home.  Today at the playground, another casual acquaintance mentioned something about it in front of Caffeine Addicted Friend, who actually DOES have an immaculate house, even when one stops by unexpectedly.  She managed to hold back her snort, barely.

The woman who commented on my immaculate house has never actually stepped foot in it, so I felt justified in asking how she would know anything about the state of my house.  It turns out that another casual acquaintance (who has also never set foot in my house) heard from a close friend of hers who has been in my house once, right after I had cleaned the place from top to bottom in an effort to get rid of the fleas, that my house was so incredibly clean.

This is the stuff a reputation is made of folks.  Random people who barely know you from a hole in the wall talking to other random people who barely know you from a hole in the wall.  But, now, I feel obligated to scrub my house as if it had fleas every time someone other than Rebecca comes over.  I have a reputation to uphold you know…



  1. Of potential whisper-down-the-lane misunderstandings, at least this one casts you in a favorable light!

  2. True, but as M pointed out, it will make me beyond neurotic when anyone comes over…

  3. teaandbonbons says:

    I always clean before people come over (if I know beforehand) just so people will think such things about me. 🙂 Nothin’ wrong with a good reputation, even if it isn’t quite earned! My parents were here the other day to drop A off, and left in a hurry because the house was too messy for them to stand. LOL

    Just think: If I ever get my new furniture and new carpets, people will REALLY think I’m clean! ahahaha

  4. M nailed it. 🙂

    I am unsure whether to be honored that I am the only one allowed to see your house in its natural state or concerned about the potential for flea bites when I drop by. Think I’m going with honored. It’s easier than acting out mock indignation and then feeling like I suddenly have to clean when you come over to my place…

  5. Of all the possible things to have mis-construed, at least it’s something good 🙂 I’m with you though, in that I would make me neurotic (as if I’m not already) when anyone was coming over!

  6. LOL, not such a bad reputation. I have a similar one, one that I need to dispell too. If only so that nobody would be shocked if they made a surprise visit.

  7. I am only coming over if you promise *not* to clean your house first–because my children will instantaneously cover your immaculate floor with every puzzle piece/lego piece/train track therein. And I don’t want to feel awful for ruining your tidiness….

  8. Even *I* heard you had a clean house.


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