Music Recommendation

I have been meaning to recommend this album for a while. It is one of the few albums that I am happy to listen to over and over again, which is a good thing because it is already playing here at 7:06 in the morning. You can’t buy it on Amazon or iTunes, you need to order directly from the guy’s website, which at first annoyed me and then made me somewhat happy that there were still folks out there producing and distributing albums on their own.

If you haven’t heard Seth Decker, and unless you listen to XM Kids every waking minute you very well may not have, go listen to him. Our two favorites are “Open the Red Door” and “Edna the Elephant.”

Edited to add: His website has gone MUCH more high-tech since I bought the album.  You can now download the album directly from his site instead of ordering it and then having to spend two weeks trying to explain to your obsessed kids that not so long ago you couldn’t just buy and instantly download music on your computer…



  1. So cute. I might give it a listen to see if J would like it.

    As for technology, I still freak out my 16 year old stepson with tales of what we did before computers. And my Dad’s phone with a dial in his garage is still a hoot. A can’t figure out how to dial for the life of him.

  2. I’ll have to check this out – thanks. We’re going to need some new entertainment come summer…

    Any luck finding your memory card?

  3. You should also check out Robbie Schaefer. I think he has a show on the XM Kids station. He’s in a band I really like (Eddie from Ohio) and has release at least one kids album.

  4. Oh wait, I looked up the link too and forgot to paste.

  5. cool I am heading over to check this out. I am always looking for some new music.

    Oh, and I tagged you over at my blog.

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