Overheard in the Kitchen

New babysitter during the kitchen tour: “You have a lot of beans in your pantry.” (the beans are stored above the goldfish crackers)

M: “Costco is her friend.”

Chichimama: “It isn’t Costco, it is Amazon Grocery.  Because they had the organic no-salt beans.”

M: “Excuse me?”

Chichimama: “Well, I don’t want anyone developing heart disease in the middle of an apocolypse…”

M: “Um, I think that would be a rather nice way to go if the world is ending.”

Chichimama: “Oh, no.  In my apocalypse, it only lasts about a year.”

M: “Ah. It is a preconceived apocalypse then.  Pardon me.”

The babysitter returns home and spreads word through the neighborhood that the Chez J-E family is a bit crazy, but good to know in an emergency, if one doesn’t want heart disease…



  1. Lol!!! Are they dried beans or canned?

  2. Canned…at least the ones she saw :-).

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