The luckiest kid in town

In my entire life, I have never ever won a raffle item.  But every year one of the local preschools has a big basket raffle and every year we buy twelve tickets from a friend who attends that particular school.  Every year we spend a good hour standing in front of all the baskets trying to decide where to place our tickets, and every year C puts all his tickets in the “boy” basket bag and every year since she has been old enough, A tosses all her tickets into the “girl” basket bag.

When A was a baby, we won the baby toy basket.  C was too little to know any better, so all was good.  When A was one, we won the Wiggles loot.  Last year, we won the Dora basket and C started to get a bit miffed.  This year, after A put her tickets in the bag for the giant Barbie basket, she turned to me and said “When will they call us to come get the basket?”  I explained that we had been very lucky so far, but the was virtually no chance they were calling us to tell us we had won the Barbie basket this year and that it was some other child’s turn to win.  Regardless, A left the facility confident that the Barbie basket would arrive on our door step just in time for her birthday.

Last night at 10pm, my phone rang.  As we had just sent our new sitter home, I had visions of her calling to announce I had paid her wrong, or that her mom had said that since we stock a year’s worth of organic no-salt beans in our pantry, she could no longer sit for us.  But no, it was my friend, driving home from the auction.

“I have no idea how to tell you this,” she began.  “But in the back of my car is a large Barbie basket with your daughter’s name on it.  What do you want me to do?”  I briefly debated telling her to draw another name and pass the wealth onto someone else.  But really?  Who can turn down a giant Barbie basket on the eve of their daughter’s fourth birthday?  Especially when one has not been so prompt about purchasing the big girl bike promised to her for said birthday.  So when A wakes up, on our doorstep will be a basket full of Barbie paraphernalia.  And if C is smart, he will have A place his tickets in the bag of his basket of choice next year.



  1. Wow. Maybe you should get her to pick some lottery numbers for you! 🙂

  2. Really, have you ever thought about having her noodle over the list of lottery numbers?

  3. That is one lucky girl!!!

  4. I also never win! Taxman used to win until he met me and now he no longer wins. I am a bad penny.

    But lucky A! Maybe C would go for some Barbies?

  5. C should definitely think about letting her put some tickets in his choice next year. What a lucky girl!!

  6. Happy Birthday A!! I hope that you had a fabulous birthday today and Wow, how wonderful to win a Barbie basket on the night before your birthday. Maybe you could help Mom out with some lottery winnings ;).

  7. When A and C are visiting we are making a DAILY visit to the local lottery stand! I promise to put some of the winnings in each of their college accounts!

  8. Wow, she truly has a gift for luck!

  9. Wow! I bet she was a happy girl!

  10. That is just incredible luck, I hope it keeps on going! If you don’t want it all could you send some my way please 🙂

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