The conversations that break your heart

A: “Mommy, Singing Ellie has the hives.  Lots of hives.”

Chichimama: “I am so sorry to hear that.  Is she doing OK?”

A: “Yeah, I took her to a doctor.  Not Dr. S, the hives doctor.  But not my hives doctor, a hives doctor who could make her hives all go away.”

Chichimama: “Well, I am glad she is feeling better, but hopefully tomorrow your doctor will be able to help us figure out why you get the hives too.”

A: “Maybe.  But Singing Ellie and I both wish we were like Quacky.  Because Quacky doesn’t get the hives.



  1. Definitely a heart-breaker. 😦 Does this mean the hives are back? Or, is this just an investigative appointment to try to find the source? Hope A is doing alright!

  2. Hives are back, although this appointment has been scheduled for weeks as a one-year follow up to the last round of testing. Of course she got the hives during the 36 hour window in which I couldn’t medicate to take the itch away…

  3. Oh, poor things. And poor you. They really do have a point, don’t they.

  4. Interesting that “Quacky” doesn’t get the hives. Perhaps he/she isn’t such a quack? I hope you find the source soon.

  5. Oh, no. Hives are horrible. Hope the source is determined soon. All my best to Singing Ellie too. 😉

  6. Awwww, poor baby. And poor C as well, from your previous entry about his friend. I’m so sorry for both, I hope that things get better ASAP.

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