Going Nutty

Today A had her annual allergy appointment, and it was the BIG DAY when she was scheduled to be skin pricked to see where she stood in regards to a nut/peanut allergy.  A has been hyped up, C has been hyped up, and our whole world for the last week or so has revolved around this day.

Upon our arrival, he allergist very quickly pricked A, and then after a suitable wait declared the test negative, which pleased me to no end as at least I didn’t have to worry about someone with peanut butter hands touching her and her breaking out in hives.  Then, in a surprise move, he instructed me to give her a cracker with peanut butter.  Right then and there.  I think my jaw hit the ground, and A’s eyes opened wide.  She shut her mouth and shook her head.  And even after I managed to shut my jaw and tried to convince her that the doctor said it was OK to have it, she refused.

So we went to plan B, the peanut-laden candy.  Which she had precisely two bites of and handed to me insisting that she was “all full.”  The allergist deemed it a satisfactory amount, and then we sat there, quiet as mice, waiting to see what happened.  And we waited.  And waited some more.  And then the allergist proclaimed her to be non-allergic, and wished us a very happy life filled with peanuts and peanut products.

As we rode home, A announced from the back seat “But I still have the hives.”  To which I responded, “Yes, but it is not because of peanuts.  And that’s a good thing.  Would you like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch?”  A thought for a minute, and then said “Perhaps tomorrow.  I think I am all done with peanuts for today.”

Tonight I tried to eat nuts for the first time in almost four years.  And like A, I was a bit overwhelmed by the experience and had to be talked down from a minor panic attack by a friend who is thankfully also a doctor and totally understood why this was such a huge deal.  Perhaps tomorrow A and I will start by standing in front of the peanut butter aisle and admiring the many different kinds of jars.  Baby steps.



  1. I can imagine being quite gun-shy over the peanut butter, even if it’s now okay for her. Still, what a relief!

  2. I remember how dangerous it felt the first time I brought peanut butter into the house again, and the first time we trialled each kid with it. Like lightning was going to smack me down or something.

    I’m so glad you got good news from the allergist!

  3. Glad to hear that you got good news. I imagine that it will be very tough as you take those baby steps. Did you walk away with any new ideas as to what is causing the hives?

  4. A will figure it out.

    As for you: Lemme take you on a tour of TJs. Wonders! Mini PB cups! Maple pecan granola! Pralines! *swoon*

  5. While frustrating to STILL not know the source of the hives, that’s FAB news! My niece has the scary peanut allergy. Having to bring her own cake to other kid’s birthday parties JUST IN CASE their cake was baked in a bakery that MAYBE handles peanuts SOMETIMES is a sucky way to live. Hooray for you and A!!

  6. I’m so happy and relieved for all of you! YAY!!

  7. A girlfriend of mine just went through this with her little guy. Unfortunately for her the tests came back worse instead of better and they added ‘other’ nuts to the peanut allergy. J won’t even go near the peanut butter jar for fear of hurting his friend. As I cannot even imagine having to think about nuts all the time, I am so happy that you got the all clear on it from the Doctor. Now, if only they can figure out the hive thing.

  8. Good news for you all! Now go and enjoy some chocolate and peanut butter!

  9. This is a big transition–what news!

  10. Oh, and I forgot – TAG!

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