Hitting the open road

On a new pink bike, with tassels. And a basket on the front. And a dress, perfectly matched to the tassels. Because one must be lady-like and coordinated, even when riding as fast as the wind.




  1. That is too cute! Which came first the dress or the bike?

  2. So cute….reminds me of NSLS and Woman Warrior on their Strawberry Shortcake bikes…years ago, now.

  3. The dress cam first. I would have drawn the line at actually purchasing a dress to match the bike…:-).

  4. So cute! I think Allie has the same helmet…

  5. Now that is just the happiest picture I have seen in quite a while 🙂

  6. That is too adorable. J will be getting a bike with training wheels for her bday in a few weeks. She would be quite jealous of A’s and those pretty tassels!

  7. Just adorable!

  8. Nothing cuter!! Happy riding!

  9. Oooh Priceless.

  10. I love matching. What a sweet picture!

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