Random Bullets of OMG, is June kicking my YKW

  • Why hello there!  It looks like it has been a while since I have written anything besides “Thank you so much for a wonderful year!  (Insert child here) has had a great year and will miss you so much (over the summer/next year).  Have a great summer!
  • I had no idea that June was such a horrid time of year with two kids in school and enrolled in various and sundry extracurricular activities.  This week alone there have been two concerts, three end of year parties, one award ceremony, two end of year pizza extravaganza’s, and three last minute “OMG, we have to have a PTA/Board/committee meeting before the summer” meetings.  Next week looks no better.  This is one of those things that someone should tell you before you decide to have children.  Right after the description of how horrid the first few weeks post-childbirth are.
  • If I never see a piece of pizza again I would be very very happy.  Actually, I take that back.  I would love to see some kind of pizza other than the plain old cheese dripping with oil variety from the not so good place that delivers.  But since clearly that isn’t happening anytime soon I will go with the “I never want to see another piece of pizza again approach.”  To my dismay, greeting me in my inbox this morning was a “Great news!  We will have pizza as a team after t-ball today!” email.  So clearly someone out there hasn’t listened to my pleas for pizza cessation.
  • Last night we went to a grownups-only neighboorhood party.  Where, thankfully, there was no pizza.  M and I were two of the youngest folks there and were the first to leave, at 11pm.  C woke me up at 3am concerned about some noises outside and I discovered that the host hadn’t been kidding when he said it was a group of late-night partiers.  They were still going strong.  I am looking foward to that stage of my life.  Although I can’t see a scenerio in which I would ever willingly be up until 3am.  Even in college, 1am was my limit.
  • BTW, the TV tokens have been a huge, huge bust.  I can’t decide if it was my control-freak nature or the kids inability to be rational at 5pm, but the last two weeks have basically been filled with temper tantrums and tears when the TV tokens ran out and I just couldn’t take it anymore.  So we have moved onto the dictatorial “There will be no TV before 5pm, and you may only watch from 5pm until dinner” approach.  Which seemed to make everyone except Mike temporarily happy.  He feels I am not allowing them to learn to take resposibility for their actions.  He may be right, but self-preservation in light of the looming summer with no school or various and sundry extra-curricular activites took precedance in my book.
  • And now, I am off to start my day of fun-filled end of year activities.  Hopefully I will resurface in another week or two once everything is officially over for the summer.


  1. So sorry.

    If it makes you feel any better, TV tokens would be a great big failure around here, too.

  2. I have some similar issues around here (just one kid, but end of year plus birthday time). I would love to wake up June 30th and have it all be over!

  3. Hopefully, the end should be in sight – we had our last day of school on Friday, and the past week was absolutely *insane*! If I can make it through, you can too!! 🙂 And, yeah, TV tokens would never work in my house.

  4. Every day I want to do the tv tokens, but it turns out I am the weak one. No tv means extra work for me, so for now, I don’t fight it. We did spend an hour in the pool today getting fresh air and exercise though.

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