Overheard at Dinner

M: “So I am thinking about solar panels for the house.”

Chichimama quiety rejoices and then nonchalauntly says, “Huh.  Why?”

M: “NOT because of the environment.  Let me be clear.  It is because Nancy Pelosi won’t let us build nuclear power plants and they are forcasting increased power demands and an inability to keep up the supply.  And I like my lights on, thank you very much.”

Chichimama: “So I have Nancy Pelosi to thank?  Excellent!”

M: ” I am NOT green.”

Chichimama: “O.K. dear.”

M: “Oh, and I’m going to start biking to the train.  So you can use the Honda instead of the gas guzler.  But I am NOT green.  Make sure you make that disclaimer on your blog.”

Chichimama (singing off key): “It’s not easy being green…”



  1. I’m all about conservation, too. But it’s not because I’m green; it’s because I’m cheap.

    See, CONSERVATIon and CONSERVATIvism are actually 2 sides of the same die. And it is totally Nancy Pelosi’s fault that we do not have cleaner, cheaper fuel alternatives!

    I like your husband.

  2. Whatever it takes, I suppose…but lol at his response!

  3. But in the Honda will the kids be able to touch each other?

    When we were in Israel the kids were in the back in a compact car and could get into it physically. Boy did I miss the van, where they couldn’t touch!

    I wish I were greener, but there is my sanity.

  4. That is tioo funny. If that were my hubby, he would try to play that entire thing off as if he were just doing those things because he wants to make me happy and isn’t he just the nicest sweetest hubby in the whole world for doing it ? 🙂

  5. We try not to drive our gas sucking SUV, but this is because I can’t stand the price of gas…cheap. Plus we are looking at solar panels for the garage, that is because i don’t want to pay more on my natural gas bill to heat it. Again cheap 🙂 Oh well, guess no matter the motive the end result is the same and what matters.

  6. LOL…. sounds like a conversation we would have too. 😉 Esp mentioning blogging!

  7. After reading this, I nonchalantly mentioned solar panels to my conservative husband.

    “I think we should get solar panels,” I said.

    “Don’t be ridiculous,” he replied.

    There it is!

  8. LOL! We have the perfect roof space for solar panels, it faces the right direction is large enough, and it already changes the temperature of our whole house, why not harness it? The panels are too expensive. If only they would come down in price, we would be saving buckets around here…

  9. Go, M, Go! Who cares *why* you’ve made theses decisions?

  10. Soo jealous. My un-green hubs has never uttered the words “solar panels”.

    Can Pelosi send him an email?

  11. That conversation sounds very familiar, especially the part about biking. He is going to start biking to work, but only because he wants to get back into shape, not because of the environment.

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