Tell me it isn’t true

According to a promotional email I just recieved from Gap, the pleated, high-waisted jean is making a comeback.  I tell you this beacause the fear I felt when I announced the come-back of the skinny jean (well ahead of the curve, thank you very much) PALES in comparison to my fear of the pleated, high-waisted jean.  While skinny jeans don’t do much for me, the pleated, high-waisted jean actually adds many, many pounds to regions where additional poundage isn’t needed.

Who ARE these people who decide fashion trends and WHY do they not consult me first?



  1. Ayup. They’ve been showing them here for nearly a year now, so yeah, they’re coming your way next. For the record, while I have become a skinny jean convert (only because the style happens to emphasize my better features), I have steered way the hell clear of the pleated high-waist monstrosities.

  2. Pleats? The one pants feature that looks good on almost no one?

    And after years of telling us that high waists are the hallmark of “mom jeans”, NOW they’re telling us to wear them?

    I give up.

  3. I guess Iwill be waaaay out of style. Better buy some of hte others hwile they are still available. Who looks good in those?

  4. LOL, I am so glad I haven’t bought a pair of jeans since 1996. Who needs it?

    Now if the gap would go back to showing denim skirts that hit below the thighs, THEN I’d be happy.

  5. I remember coveting a pair a friend of mine wore in high school. My Mom got them for me for Christmas. Every single time I wore them I felt 20lbs heavier, but wore them for Mom. Now, I never ask for jeans unless I have tried them on.

  6. Ugh, say it isn’t so! I know one trend that I definitely will *not* be following!!

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