I am spending my tenth aniversary watching my husband and his family battle it out over a decidedly un-bloggable issue.  And also doing laundry because if I’m sitting around trying to be supportive and yet non-participatory, I might as well be productive.  I am thinking it is probably a good thing that I am several days behind in laundry…



  1. 10 years???? can’t believe it’s been that long! congrats!

  2. I got stuck on the 10 years part. Congrats!

  3. Congrats on the anniversary. I find that family fights are good times to knit something simple. That way you can pretend you are interested and get something done too.

  4. Happy 10th! Hope that the family issues blow over and you can find some time to celebrate. 🙂

    Oh, and good luck digging your way through that laundry – reminds me that I need to get caught up too.

  5. Happy Belated 10th! We will be celebrating our 10th next year, I hope that I will not be sharing it with my Inlaws though ;). Here’s hoping you guys got out for a night out, just the two of you.

  6. There should be a goofy anniversary song, something like “happy anniversary to you, you live in a zoo” —- oh, wait. At 10 years + kids that’s reality, isn’t it? : )

    Happy anniversary!

  7. Many congratulations on the anniversary, and wishes for a calmer family dynamic shortly.

  8. Happy 10th!

  9. Well, I’m sorry for the circumstances you’ve found yourself in, but Happy Anniversary nonetheless!

  10. Happy Anniversary! (Who knew: Laundry could help….)

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