Going to the Moon!

Thanks to Sheepless in Suburbia for the following link!

Certificate of Participation

This certificate recognizes that

The Chichimama Family

has joined the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

“Send Your Name to the Moon” Project

If you have kids who are as space obsessed as mine, join now! Names are only being accepted until July 31st (and it doesn’t cost you anything!). You get a lovely PDF certificate to prin out and hang on your wall. Much excitement around here this afternoon.


Team Knitting Bloggers

OK, I created us a team, Team Knitting Bloggers.  Looks like you can compete in whatever you like, I am going for the WIP Wrestling, I am debating going for something else but have a feeling that just finishing one of my WIP will be enough of an accomplishment.  Sorry I didn’t consult on a mane, but we had to sign up today :-).  Sign on, I will try to figure out how to get us listed :-).

Random Bullets of a Rainy Sunday

  • We spent the weekend twenty four hours on my in-laws sailboat. Which was mored in a very calm harbor. My whole world is still rocking, which makes me question my ability to actually sail anyplace, let alone live aboard a boat for a year or two, an idea that gets bandied about every so often.
  • My poor husband is somewhere between here and there on a little powerboat, in the rain and thunder and god knows what else. I am trying to remember that the man grew up on the ocean, but still. There is a big difference between a little old powerboat and a 40 foot sailboat.
  • He assures me that the powerboat is unsinkable, but I am a bit wary of that statement, as I seem to remember another boat they said that about…
  • I am also very glad that I insisted on being environmentally unfriendly and driving to and from the sailboat while my husband took the previously mentioned unsinkable powerboat there. The thought of bouncing around on choppy seas with two small children who are scared of thunder and lightning and hate to get wet makes my shudder. There is strike two for the year or two on the sailboat idea.
  • I’m going to go lie down now and will the world to stop swaying. Do you think taking motion sickness meds will help after the fact?


Anyone Ravelry folks out there interested in creating a ravelympics team with me?  I cannot promise to be a fabulous competitor as I will be on vacation during the Olympics, but then again I will beo n vacation with Nana and my sister, who are both knitting fiends, and my husband and brother-in-law, who I am sure will be glued to the Olympics every evening and I have a know history of getting sucked into the Olympics and staying up to all hours to see the most obscure events just because.  At about age 12 I actually cried hysterically during the closing ceremonies because I was so distraught over my daily summer addiction ending.

Anywhoo, if you are interested, let me know.  I was actually thinking about doing the WIP Wrestling event to try and finish up my languishing projects, but cold be talked into the Holiday Handball as I just came up with a fabulous idea for a knitted advent calendar (Well, OK, I saw a poorly done version in a catalog and thought ” I can do that SO much better” and then mentally committed myself to making one).

And if you are not yet a Ravelry member, I believe that the wait time is only about 3 days right now, so you would have time to join prior to the opening ceremonies!


I somehow spent over 12 of the last 24 hours on issues surrounding vegetables, and their delivery to 108 lovely members of our CSA.  My Transportation and Distribution Management professor would be so proud (maybe).  I compiled lists.  And calculated (and recalculated) optimal routes.  And printed (and re-printed) maps for the volunteer drivers.  I bagged shares, delivered shares, and then gave my children free rein at the ice cream store (for dinner.  Ice cream for dinner, you heard me) as their reward for hanging out with me and a bunch of vegetables all day.

I had a blog post going in my head about how somehow, I am incapable of stepping back from an organization and letting someone else figure out how to make it all work.  Because I get frustrated with people’s disinterest in stepping up to the plate, and, as Rebecca put it the other day, I am fairly convinced that if I was in charge of the world it would be a much better place.  So, given the opportunity, I tend to jump into the deep end feet first with my eyes closed and then realized after the fact that really, I should have run screaming to the snack bar.

There, that basically sums up the blog post for the day.  And, even though I told M I wasn’t going to blog it, here is my kids quote of the day.

C: “What would happen if I ate 2,500 pound of carrots?”

Chichimama: “You would turn orange and probably be really sick of carrots.”

C: “What if I ate 2,500 pound of ice cream?”

Chichimama: “You would be unhealthy, and probably have stomach ache.”

C: “Does eating too much ice cream make your pants too tight?”

Chichimama: “Uh, probably.”

C: “Would eating too many carrots make your pants too tight?”

Chichimama: “I think it would be hard to make your pants too tight by eating carrots.”

C: “Ah, then Daddy must eat too much ice cream.”

Chichimama: “Snort.”

Overheard from the Backseat

C: “Why do we ALWAYS have to put on sunblock?”

Chichimama: (clearly not thinking quite straight and at the end of her patience) “Because if you don’t you will get skin cancer like all of your relatives, and skin cancer is not a pleasant way to die.”

A: “Mommy, there really isn’t a pleasant way to die.”


A: “I can’t wait to be a grownup and have two kids and a baby.”

C: “I think I will spend my childhood wishing I was a grownup and my grownup years wishing I was a child.”

(I kid you not, that really came out of his mouth, unprovoked. And all I could say to that was “Yep.  That about sums it up dude.”

Alaska pics

I took 334 pictures in Alaska and M probably took double that with the “good” camera.  As I told Rebecca this morning, everyone speaks of the scenery there with an “AHHHH” (insert religious worshipy type singing here) in their voice, and you never really believe it until you see it yourself. This will take a while to load, I inserted it as a gallery in hopes it would load faster, but now I can’t caption them. Basically, Mendenhall Glacier (via helicopter! I rode in one! And I didn’t expire from fear!), then Lower Dewey Lake and Reid Falls in Goldrush National Park (a small little 8 mile detour which was totally worth it, especially since we lost all the other day hikers at about mile 2 when they followed the trail correctly and I took us the wrong(ish) way.), then some pictures that don’t do the Fairweather Mountain Range justice.

More than I can chew

Today I decided to tackle cleaning out the eating area, which had become the repository for the puzzles and other toys that didn’t have a home elsewhere.  That led into a massive overhaul of the art cabinet(s) as one of the major art supply locales is a small desk in the eating area.  The massive overhaul of the art cabinets led into a reorganization of the pantry, which is located adjecnt to the other art supply cabinet.  The overhaul of the pantry led into a (hopefully) lovely loaf of bread.  All fine and lovely, except for the fact that I am now exhausted and there are remains of each of these projects scattered through the downstairs of the house, leaving everything looking much worse than it did four hours ago.

The worst part?  I know that despite my threats to my children, in less than two weeks the art cabinets will be mass chaos again.


I can’t quite seem to get back to East coast time, and have been staying up way too late, which is a real problem since the kids never left the East coast.  M is away for the weekend, so I watched The Other Boylen Girl last night and worked on my latest knitting project (and yes, I still have the other two in progress as well).  Then I just HAD to finish my book before bed.  Sigh.

I did finally find the card reader in the bottom of the very last bag I unpacked, so hopefully I will start getting some pictures up today or tomorrow.  And then I really need to work on all of the various volunteer things I managed to commit myself to this summer.  Once I finish those up, I need to cut myself loose from several of them.  I think the CSA board will be the first to go, as there will be plenty of folks who will happily jump in there.  I would also like to get off of all the committees at A’s nursery school, but don’t really see that happening unless I pull her out.  Sigh.

Have a happy Sunday.  I am looking forward to a happy Monday, as both kids have gymnastics camp every morning next week!

I just can’t win

I now have the memory card (not the one that was lost, I fear that one is gone for good), but I cannot for the life of me find the damn card reader.

At least that is easily solved by a trip to Target.

I also managed to make it a full six hours alone with my kids before launching into the standard “If you do that ONE MORE TIME there will be SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES” tirade.  And C landed himself into the self-proclaimed “longest time out EVER!”

It’s good to be back.