The difference between boys and girls

M and I are sitting in a series of airports today on our way to a grownups only vacation while the kids enjoy some time at “Camp Nana.”  I emailed the kids while waiting for our first flight, and got the following responses back from them.

Dear Mommy and Daddy:

I feel better and I do want to watch the fireworks on TV and MAYBE go to see
them again.  Why did you bring my old crocs because these are getting to
small on me.  I didn’t get up until 9:10 this morning.
We’re going to the library today.  I had Total cinamon Crunch, cantaloupe,
peaches and milk for breakfast.  I love you very much and I miss you
already.  Thank you for the note.  C wasn’t being nice to me but we
worked it out.

Have a nice vacation.

Love, A

dear mom and dad,
i got up at 9:15.



  1. Hooray for grown-up vacations!

  2. That is so good, now if only they slept until 9:15 for you every day!! Hope you are having a wonderful grown up vacation.

  3. Enjoy your vacation! Hope you get to sleep later than 9:15 😉

  4. What is the Nana magic that makes your kids sleep so late and will she come here pretty please?

    (Btw, did A dictate that? She didn’t actually write that?!)

    Enjoy your getaway! At least A will fill you in on the goings on.

  5. Ooooh – I am sooo jealous of the vacation. Have a great time and take lots of pictures!

  6. I hadn’t realized that “men being of few words” started so early in life! Great post. Enjoy your vacation 🙂

  7. Loved this! And all of it so true, I’m sure. My kids are off to Camp Grandma next weekend and we’re planning a parents-only trip too. =)

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