I just can’t win

I now have the memory card (not the one that was lost, I fear that one is gone for good), but I cannot for the life of me find the damn card reader.

At least that is easily solved by a trip to Target.

I also managed to make it a full six hours alone with my kids before launching into the standard “If you do that ONE MORE TIME there will be SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES” tirade.  And C landed himself into the self-proclaimed “longest time out EVER!”

It’s good to be back.



  1. When we went away (just 5 days/4 nights) and left the kids with my dad, my son was ROTTEN for a day and a half after we returned. I forgot to tell you about that part. He actually swore at me. (Talk about the longest time out EVER — tell C my son has him beat.) I clamped down on him and then hugged him a whole lot and that seemed to fix him.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how quickly things return back to “normal” with tension levels rising after being away from the kids? I think it’s a re-adjustment thing where they have to re-learn that the same old rules apply that applied before the separation.

    What a bummer that you never found that memory card!

  3. Oooh Alaska, I’d love to see the photos. It has always intruigued me but since I spend enough time in winter, I prefer the South to warm up :).

    And cute on the longest time out ever, we have had a few of those here recently too. Mostly due to rough wrestling with baby Sisters.

  4. “Longest time out ever” – is that in the Book of World Records? LOL! =)

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