I can’t quite seem to get back to East coast time, and have been staying up way too late, which is a real problem since the kids never left the East coast.  M is away for the weekend, so I watched The Other Boylen Girl last night and worked on my latest knitting project (and yes, I still have the other two in progress as well).  Then I just HAD to finish my book before bed.  Sigh.

I did finally find the card reader in the bottom of the very last bag I unpacked, so hopefully I will start getting some pictures up today or tomorrow.  And then I really need to work on all of the various volunteer things I managed to commit myself to this summer.  Once I finish those up, I need to cut myself loose from several of them.  I think the CSA board will be the first to go, as there will be plenty of folks who will happily jump in there.  I would also like to get off of all the committees at A’s nursery school, but don’t really see that happening unless I pull her out.  Sigh.

Have a happy Sunday.  I am looking forward to a happy Monday, as both kids have gymnastics camp every morning next week!



  1. Yay on finding the card reader. Boo on Alaska time zone. I remember that well from last year. And hooray for both of the kids being in camp all week! (Mine are both in nature camp next week, and I can’t wait!) 🙂

  2. I would love to see pictures of your WIPs. You haven’t shown off anything knit for a long time.

  3. I am happy for you that you found your card. I hate it when I misplace mine. And UFO’s…. I have five right now. Can’t seem to finish any of them and I like all of them. And then there is the yarn and the paterrns I want to begin!!

  4. CSA volunteerism is very popular around here too. There was such a rush on manning distribution time slots that we could not even get one at a time that Taxman could do it (day off, the later shift, etc.)–and we were told not to worry about it!

    Still they haven’t taken up my blog idea. They have a nice newsletter every week, but it’s not interactive!

    Happy camp! Take naps!

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