More than I can chew

Today I decided to tackle cleaning out the eating area, which had become the repository for the puzzles and other toys that didn’t have a home elsewhere.  That led into a massive overhaul of the art cabinet(s) as one of the major art supply locales is a small desk in the eating area.  The massive overhaul of the art cabinets led into a reorganization of the pantry, which is located adjecnt to the other art supply cabinet.  The overhaul of the pantry led into a (hopefully) lovely loaf of bread.  All fine and lovely, except for the fact that I am now exhausted and there are remains of each of these projects scattered through the downstairs of the house, leaving everything looking much worse than it did four hours ago.

The worst part?  I know that despite my threats to my children, in less than two weeks the art cabinets will be mass chaos again.



  1. I have those inspired moments of organization that spiral out of control, too. Except there’s never any homemade bread at the end!

  2. Yep, I think that we all have those moments. Unfortunately, mine don’t end in homemade bread either. Good luck with keeping it all in some sort of organized state! 🙂

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