Random Bullets of a Rainy Sunday

  • We spent the weekend twenty four hours on my in-laws sailboat. Which was mored in a very calm harbor. My whole world is still rocking, which makes me question my ability to actually sail anyplace, let alone live aboard a boat for a year or two, an idea that gets bandied about every so often.
  • My poor husband is somewhere between here and there on a little powerboat, in the rain and thunder and god knows what else. I am trying to remember that the man grew up on the ocean, but still. There is a big difference between a little old powerboat and a 40 foot sailboat.
  • He assures me that the powerboat is unsinkable, but I am a bit wary of that statement, as I seem to remember another boat they said that about…
  • I am also very glad that I insisted on being environmentally unfriendly and driving to and from the sailboat while my husband took the previously mentioned unsinkable powerboat there. The thought of bouncing around on choppy seas with two small children who are scared of thunder and lightning and hate to get wet makes my shudder. There is strike two for the year or two on the sailboat idea.
  • I’m going to go lie down now and will the world to stop swaying. Do you think taking motion sickness meds will help after the fact?


  1. I hope that the world has stopped swaying and that M has gotten to dry land safely!

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