I am glues to the Democratic National Convention. And not just because I am a politics junkie. I am actually fascinated by the delegates and their enthusiasm. Clearly I am a jaded ex-New Yorker, as I can’t imagine getting so excited and committed that I would wear a red, white, and blue shirt with gingham donkeys appliquéd onto it.

Also, I feel for Caroline Kennedy, having to listen to Sweet Caroline played as she walked on stage. I would think that someone named Caroline might get rather sick of having that song played for them.


Overheard on Vacation

C: “Mom!  Is this a snail or a periwinkle?”

Chichimama: “A periwinkle.”

C: (running back over to his friends) “My mom said it is a periwinkle, and she is usually right.  But don’t tell her I said that!”


A: “I love love love love love the beach.  I love it almost as much as I love you.”


C: “I am the oldest cousin!  I have been coming here longer than everyone else.  That makes me the expert.”


A: “I am going to move to Maine when I grow up.”

Chichimama: “Why?”

A: “Because everyone here loves the Red Sox just like me!”

Chichimama: “I can’t WAIT to tell your father that!”


Chichimama: “Did you say goodbye to the beach?”

C: “Yeah…”

Chichimama: “Were you sad?”

C: “No, of course not.  I know I will see it next year.”

A: “I didn’t say goodbye, because I have all the sand in my shoes to bring home with me.”


Sun and sand

An unblemished record

We have arrived in Maine. Yeah! And, true to form, we have a sick child. A rather puke-filled sick child, to be precise. Think in the car, on the turnpike. With lots and lots of things piled beneath his feet, including my knitting. And in a clean car, which meant that there was not a pile of napkins and bags kicking around the car to clean up the mess.

On the upside, there were plenty of clean clothes to change into. For everyone.

Ah, vacation.

If only I had a brain

I had a post for y’all.  I think I may have even told it to Rebecca yesterday as we were driving around in her new car.  (Yeah!  Rebecca is back!  I can happily fill out emergency contact forms again!)  But I have not a clue as to what said post was about.  Couldn’t tell you.  The kids?  Perhaps.  The cats?  Maybe!  It is totally gone.

On the upside, Rebecca and I parallel shopped at Target, and I only spent $60, $30 of which is being returned tomorrow as apparently A’s feet are much bigger than I had guessed.  And, my son announced yesterday that his life was complete because his Julia had returned (I just might be planning the wedding in my head.  Just maybe.)  My husband happily texted with Paul as he pretended to watch TV with me tonight.  And A?  Well, she isn’t quite sure what is going on besides the fact that she now has an “almost big sister” and an “almost twin brother.”  She was quite miffed to hear that she and Evan would not be attending the same preschool next year, and asked me what I intended to do about that.  When I told her nothing, she glared at me and told me that she has always wanted a twin brother, and I was just being mean.

Can you tell that we are all a bit giddy over here?

Bye Bye Ace

Today a sad, sad thing happened in my world.  My ace in the hole?  The one that ensured that we did what I wanted to do without everyone knowing?  It went away.  Yes indeed folks, C figured out how to rig eeny meany miny mo.  And then realized that if HE could rig it, so could everyone else.  Sigh.

She is going to run the world

A: “Mommy!  Read me a book!”

Chichimama: “Have you cleaned up all the cooking things you took out for cafe?”

A: “No…”

Chichimama: “Well, before I read to you it all has to be cleaned up.”

A: (Long pause): “Oh!  Don’t worry, I have someone working for me, and THEY are going to run the cafe while you read to me.  I don’t want to have to close down early.”

Chichimama: “Is this person C?”

A: “Of course not, he’s not a very good worker.”

Chichimama: (stiffling a giggle) “Well, is this person going to clean up for you?”

A: “Well, I told them too, but they aren’t very good workers either.”

Chichimama: “Well, if your workers don’t do their jobs, then you are still responsible for making sure the work gets done, as the owner.”

A: (big sigh) “I was AFRAID that that was how it worked.  Next time I will have to make sure I hire good workers so I can not work so hard.”

Growing up

I just applied for my first job in six years.  Wish me luck.