An unblemished record

We have arrived in Maine. Yeah! And, true to form, we have a sick child. A rather puke-filled sick child, to be precise. Think in the car, on the turnpike. With lots and lots of things piled beneath his feet, including my knitting. And in a clean car, which meant that there was not a pile of napkins and bags kicking around the car to clean up the mess.

On the upside, there were plenty of clean clothes to change into. For everyone.

Ah, vacation.



  1. Ugh. So sorry. Hope that it was all car-related and that he feels better soon.

    You realize that it’s Murphy’s Law that it only happens when you have absolutely no supplies to help clean up the mess. Thank goodness for the clean clothes! I hope the sickies go away real quick so that you can enjoy your time in Maine.

  2. Yugh! I think that is why I will always keep a stash of diaper wipes in my care even if I don’t have any kids in diapers. They are so hand to have around. I feel for your poor sweater! I hope the damage is not too bad!

  3. I am amazed you go anywhere. I personally would have quit long ago. 🙂 Hope things look up from here.

  4. It simply wouldn’t be vacation without a little puke or diarrhea in the car, eh?

  5. Oh, I am so, so sorry. I hope things get better from here…

    (I just had a vision of you and M, thirty years from now, as C relates the tale of how his child puked all over during a trip. You and M look conspiratorially at one another, and say, “Son? Let us tell you a story…”)

  6. I read the last line and think of someone taking a deep breath, taking it all in. Then I realize what you’d likely be breathing in.

  7. Hope everyone is feeling better! Maine is my home state and I love it there. Hopefully the weather cooperates : )

  8. When I was a kid, I was always the one puking in the car. (Mayb dramamine hadn’t been invented yet?)

    Hope your car smells better now ….

  9. We had vomit at Yellowstone, ourselves. Luckily the knitting was still packed away for the Olympics….

    Courage — you will survive. Mostly. 😉

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